Mobile Casino Games

Mobile casino venues allow gaming fans to enjoy all of their favourite games via any compatible mobile device, including virtually any internet-ready tablet or smartphone which is capable of running a modern web browser or dedicated casino app. Whilst the physical dimensions of mobile devices are necessarily small, the casinos which they give access to are often just as impressive as those that can be accessed by the fastest desktop setup, allowing players to choose from hundreds, if not thousands of different titles. The most popular types of mobile casino games that can be played are as follows:


Blackjack is a card game in which the player and the Dealer engage head-to-head to make a hand total as close to 21 as possible without going over. In this game, the ace can be counted as a 1 or 11 value, all other numerical cards retain their face value and picture cards have a 10 value. Two cards are initially dealt to the player and the dealer, and if those two cards total 21 then the hand is a blackjack.

Both the player and the dealer may ‘hit’ their hand, which means draw another card, to try and improve it, or they may choose to ‘stand’ on their existing total. Any hand which exceeds 21 is a ‘bust’ and an automatic loser. In any other scenario, if the player’s total beats that of the dealer, the player wins at odds of 1/1, or 3/2 for a blackjack. If both hands have the same total then the hand is declared a ‘push’ and the player’s stake is returned.


Roulette is a game of chance in which a small metal ball is introduced to a spinning wheel which bears the numbers 1 to 36 (half coloured red, and half coloured black) as well as one or two zeros (coloured green). The number which is indicated by the ball after the wheel has come to rest is declared the winner, and the aim of the game is for players to predict the outcome of each spin.

The odds that are paid for winning bets depend on the likelihood of the outcome that has been selected. For example, if a player correctly predicts that a specific number will win, the odds paid will be 35/1. If a player correctly predicts that the winning number will belong to a particular dozen, he will be paid odds of 2/1, and if he correctly predicts whether the winning number will be odd, even, high, low, red or black, he will be paid odds of 1/1. There are many other possible outcomes to choose from, and this makes roulette a game which appeals to a broad spectrum of players.


Slots games get their name from the fact that, in the traditional casino environment, a coin needed to be inserted into the gaming machine before play commenced. A handle was then pulled, or a button pressed, to start spinning anything from three to seven vertical spinning reels, each of which carried a variety of symbols. When the reels came to rest, the combination of symbols showing on the pay line were assessed to see if a prize has been won.

Mobile slots games replicate much of these original mechanics, but because virtual slots are much less restrictive than their physical counterparts, they also offer many other features, including bonus rounds, free spins, the opportunity to try and parlay prizes into something larger by taking advantage of ‘double or nothing’ options, and more.

Another feature of mobile slots games is that they also tend to have rich multimedia themes, with many delivering cinematic cut sequences, full-blown soundtracks, animated symbols and more. This is especially the case with games that are based on well-known entertainment brands, such as Jurassic Park, Batman and Guns n Roses.

Progressive slots are a variation of slots games which are particularly special because they offer jackpots which increase in value until someone eventually wins the entire amount. Progressive jackpots can reach epic proportions, and scores of players have become multi-millionaires by getting lucky on their mobile devices, so the potential upside of these game can often be life-changing.

Video Poker

Video poker games deliver many of the thrills of Texas Hold’em Poker on demand, but in a format which makes them as easy to play as slots titles. After pressing a Deal button, five cards are dealt to the player, who then has the option to hold as few or as many of those cards as he wishes. The Deal button is pressed again, and cards which have not been held are replaced. The five-card hand is then assessed to see if it is a winner, in which case the cash prize is paid out automatically.

The prize paid for winning hands depend on the hand that has been made. Most of the winning hands in video poker are the same as in a regular game of poker, with a Royal Flush being the best and a Pair being the worst. However, there are many different video poker variations, so some games will pay out on any pair of ‘jacks or better’, some will included jokers as wild cards and in others the deuces are wild.

And Many More!

These are just some of the mobile casino games that can be played via your tablet or smartphone, so be sure to take your time exploring your chosen venue to identify the ones that appeal to you the most, and good luck!